It’s Time To Renew Your ABTL Membership!

We sincerely appreciate your support of ABTL over the past year and look forward to welcoming you back in 2022.

To show our gratitude for your loyalty and support throughout the pandemic, ABTL is offering a $10/person discount towards 2022 dues to those who renewed their memberships in both 2020 and 2021 and who pay their dues BY JANUARY 1, 2022.

To join/renew, click on this 2022 Online Membership Application link. For firms with multiple renews, or individuals who have previously set-up their Compass360 Member Portal, please visit your Compass360 Membership Portal:

Benefits of ABTL Membership and ABTL Firm Group Membership

  • STAY INFORMED. Participation in CLE webinars will continue to be FREE to ABTL members in 2022. Programs may be offered to members only; be sure to be on the ABTL membership email list so you will receive notices for our high level attorney and judge presentations addressing the most timely and significant legal issues of the day.
  • BE WELL READ. Receive the ABTL Report e-newsletters with in-depth articles about topics of keen interest to business litigators. And why not submit an article for this publication? Your expertise is in demand! (Articles can be submitted to ABTL Report Editor Larisa Meisenheimer (Shartsis Friese) at
  • BENEFITS OF BEING A MEMBER FIRM (Those enrolling 100% of its litigators in at least one office location):
    – Group membership dues are approx. 15% less per lawyer than dues for individual memberships.
    – Group membership provides FREE CLE webinars* not only to your firm’s litigators but this benefit is extended to ALL the non-litigator lawyers in your firm’s Northern California offices that enroll 100% of their litigators.
    – By signing up 100% of the litigators in at least ONE office location, the discounted $95/person rate is extended to the firm’s other Northern California offices, even if they don’t enroll 100% of their litigators.

    *There will be charges for in-person dinner programs when they resume to cover food and meeting costs.

DUES (enjoy 2019 rates…again)

  • Only $95/person/year for firms enrolling 100% of their litigators in at least one Bay Area office. If 100% of your firm’s litigators were ABTL members in both 2020 and 2021, your members’ dues for 2022 will be $85/person.
  • $119/person/year for individuals and firms who choose not to enroll 100% of their litigators. If you were an ABTL member in both 2020 and 2021, your 2022 dues will be only $109.
  • $80 for public sector attorneys. If you were an ABTL member in both 2020 and 2021, your 2022 dues will be $70.
  • Free membership for law students.

ABTL memberships are open to attorneys licensed in any state, however, we are only authorized to offer CLE credits approved by the California State Bar.

* Membership registrations are now handled by our Compass360 member management system, which will open in a new browser window.